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COPs and Social Learning Theory – Friday 30 June 2017 – Blackpool Resilience Forum

In social learning theory, learning is viewed, not merely as the acquisition of information and skills, but primarily as our changing ability to participate in the world: participation is not merely a context for learning, it is its core constituent. This entails not only a change in learners’ knowledge, but a transformation of their identity. Relevant participation happens at two levels.

Practitioner Resilience workshop – Monday 3 July 2017 – Brighton

Whether newly qualified, experienced, facing uncertainty, change or striving for a work life balance, this training day will support you to: Understand what presses your buttons; Explore your growing edges; Become aware of your limitations and challenges as a practitioner; Make connections with who you are personally and how this impacts on your professional practice; Recognise your professional strengths.

School of Health Sciences, University of Brighton

We are as close as a separate organisation can be to the University of Brighton, especially the School of Health Sciences. It really helps our community-university partnership working to have so many people with multiple ‘hats’ or identities, dancing cheek to cheek, so to speak.

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Children and Young People’s Mental Health Conference

Join us at Children and Young People’s Mental Health: Taking Early Action to hear practical advice and guidance that will help you to improve access and outcomes, reduce inequality and implement The Five Forward View principles across Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

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