Becky Heaver – Research Officer, University of Brighton, and Boingboing volunteer

Like most of the Boingboingers, I have multiple ‘hats’. I’m a volunteer for Boingboing and have been working with our team, developing resilience research and practice since 2010.  I’m also an academic at the University of Brighton, where my official title is ‘Research Officer’, but before you start imagining me in military uniform, that just means I investigate stuff, then write about it – a bit like Angela Lansbury (although I fancy myself more as Dr Temperance Brennan from Bones!).  I also help organise the Resilience Forum in Brighton.

I really enjoy working in an area that is accessible and has the potential to make a real difference to real people.  I have a background in psychology and neuroscience, and am particularly interested in resilience from an Asperger’s perspective.

I am in charge of maintaining our website and Twitter, which I (not so) secretly love because it allows me to get my geek-on!