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Arts activist approach to drought resilience
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COPs and Social Learning Theory
Friday 30 June - FREE
1.15pm – 3.00pm
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Children and Young People's Mental Health
Thursday 6 July
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Resilience Framework CYP

ARA Intensive - 8-10th May 2017 - Brighton

Boingboing Intensive 3 Day Academic Resilience Approach Course - 8-10th May 2017, Brighton
for anyone supporting children, young people and families in schools 

Resilience refers to the positive capacity to achieve good outcomes in spite of hardships or serious threats to our development. Finding ways to boost a young person’s ability to respond resiliently when life is tough, can help them to do better than might be expected, academically as well as in other ways. This 3 day intensive course offers an introduction to resilience and the Academic Resilience Approach. The course provides opportunities to understand more about what resilience is and how school communities can build resilience, to protect people from the worst effects of adversity.

Academic Resilience is an approach for schools devised by Lisa Williams and Professor Angie Hart. It is based on Angie’s collaborative resilience work at the University of Brighton and Boingboing. YoungMinds has also been working alongside Boingboing to implement the ideas in practice. Boingboing is a not-for profit organisation dedicated to resilience research and practice. We run regular Resilience Forums, offer training, workshops and talks on resilient approaches to life’s challenges. We aim to be inclusive and we provide many free resources on our website. Boingboing believes in co-production, and the majority of the work that we do is co-produced by members of the local community, including young people.

The benefits? 
This course will give you greater understanding of resilience in general, and in particular the Academic Resilience Approach, which will:
• help any school establish systems to build ‘resilience approaches’ that support disadvantaged pupils over time through a whole school approach
• benefit all pupils from a school-wide approach to increasing academic resilience
• raise achievement
• offer 'quick wins' that can be implemented immediately
• help identify pupils who are at risk of not fulfilling their academic potential
• provide practical approaches to help pupils do better than might be expected
• offer ideas to help everyone in the school community play a part.

By the end of the workshop you will
• have built on your understanding of the resilience evidence base
• know why and how some children and young people beat the odds better than others
• know how to identify children more at risk within your school
• know what could be done to build resilience within your school community
• have learnt how to put into practice the Academic Resilience Approach that aims to turn resilience theory into practice for all to use.
know how to research and evaluate such interventions taking a systems perspective
• have increased understanding of co-productive methodologies in school based interventions and evaluations

Who should attend?
This course is for anyone keen to understand how to build resilience in school communities through research and/or practice. For example headteachers, governors, SENCOs, teachers, school counsellors and educational psychologists. 

What will it cover?

Day 1 - 8th May - Introduction to Resilience

• Definitions of resilience, why they matter and what the resilience research tells us.
• Using resilient principles & techniques in everyday work & life.
• A strategic framework to building resilience with children, young people and families.
• Putting resilience ideas into practice: Basics, Belonging, Learning, Coping, Core Self.

Day 2 - 9th May - Introduction to the Academic Resilience Approach (ARA)

• Risk and protective factors and how to use these to spot children at risk earlier.
• A framework for building resilience with children, young people and families in a whole school community.
• An explanation of the ARA and how it works with examples from schools actually using it.

Day 3 - 10th May - Research and Evaluation (am), Co-production (pm)

• Research design examples for ARA.
• Value creation framework as a mixed method evaluation methodology.
• Outcome, process and system evaluation of complex interventions.
• Co-productive methodologies in research at schools.

Date: Monday 8th May-Wednesday 10th May 2017 
: 9.30am to 4.00pm
: Mithras House, Lewes Road, Brighton BN2 4AT, UK

Price: £300 for the whole 3 day course (including a £60 discount on the prices of the individual workshops). If you are unable to attend the whole course, tickets for specific days can be purchased for £120 per day.  Includes refreshments and a light lunch. Limited spaces, so book early.

You will receive a certificate of attendance for the number of days that you complete.  Day 1 and Day 2 course content has been certified by the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Certification Service as conforming to continuing professional development principles and so it can count towards your CPD for the year.

This is a non-residential course, accommodation is not included.  Please ensure you have booked your own accommodation if required.

We’re really flexible and we try to vary what we do to support everybody’s learning needs, so please let us know if you have any additional requirements (including any dietary needs).

Cancellation Policy
All cancellations up to the 17th April will be charged an administration fee of £60. After this date, cancellations will be charged at the full workshop fee.