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PhD funding available
Fully Funded PhD Studentships working on resilience-based practice with Angie Hart and colleagues
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Resilience Forum

Resilience & peer support
Thursday 27 April - FREE
1.15pm – 3.00pm
A501 Checkland, Falmer
University of Brighton


Free 2hr intro to resilience
Thur 27 Apr - Free

Intro to Resilient Therapy
Mon 20 Mar - Free/£120

Practitioner resilience
Tue 21 Mar - Free/£120

Understanding the Academic Resilience Approach
Fri 5 May - Free/£120

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Introduction to resilience
Mon 19 Jun - £120

Practitioner resilience
Tue 4 April - £120

Understanding the Academic Resilience Approach
Tue 26 Sep - £120

ARA intensive 3 day course
Mon 8-Wed 10 May - £300

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Boingboing's new range of co-produced resilience tools developed by young people facing challenges
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Resilience Framework CYP

Our research

Lisa Williams

Lisa WilliamsChildren's mental health service design and commissioning support

I have been involved in numerous projects with BoingBoing over many years and return continually to the Resilience Framework as a sound, evidence based approach which is refreshingly grounded in practice. Working nationally in children's mental health at the Department of Health, I continually encountered local authorities and NHS services struggling with, if not overwhelmed by, poor mental health which was linked to poverty, constellations of need, and inequalities. Many mainstream service approaches are simply too orientated in a 'medical model' or 'silo' focused to be effective.

I asked Angie Hart and boingboing to support us with seminars for front line staff. As part of our consultancy to local systems, I saw first hand, how the resilience approach inspired both leaders and practitioners with a 're-framed' view of mental health support as being as about accessible strategies which any caring professional can pick up and work with and which whole services can adopt. I continue to collaborate with Angie and the great network of people involved in boingboing both in my role as a secondary school governor and in my capacity as a member of the national mental health consortium 'BOND' - all of which is interesting and challenging, and always fun.