Resilience Forum

Arts activist approach to drought resilience
Friday 9 June - FREE
1.15pm - 3.00pm
E513 Checkland Building
Falmer Campus
University of Brighton

COPs and Social Learning Theory
Friday 30 June - FREE
1.15pm – 3.00pm
Brunswick, Central Library
Queen Street, Blackpool


Children and Young People's Mental Health
Thursday 6 July
8.30am - 4.30pm
Royal National Hotel, London


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Resilience Framework CYP

Resilience in practice

Are there things we can do in our lives or at work to build ways of managing life resiliently? What helps us to successfully cope with hazards, stress and adversity? These are the sorts of questions that prompted the development of Resilient Therapy (RT) and the Resilience Framework.

RT is the way we have translated resilience research and practice findings into strategic ways of thinking and practical ways of doing, that nurture resilience in children and young people.  In this section, we explain the RT approach in four stages:

1) What is Resilient Therapy? – A short explanation of how we came to develop RT, what it is and how we have assembled our ideas into a practical Resilience Framework for anyone to use

2) Getting to grips with RT – An outline of what’s included in the Resilience Framework

3) Using Resilient Therapy – Suggestions for ways to approach using RT

4) Communities of Practice – A summary of how others are learning about and using RT in their own settings

5) Academic Resilience Approach - Information and resources about how RT and the Resilience Framework can be used in schools

Here is a short video on Resilient Therapy by the ESRC:

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