Resilience training courses in Blackpool

Boingboing runs workshops in Blackpool on resilience. This is part of the HeadStart programme to support children and young people’s mental health. Our courses are free to residents of Blackpool and practitioners who work or volunteer in Blackpool with young people aged 10-16. People outside the area can pay to come on them too. Similar courses are running in Brighton. Blackpool folk can book on those too for free. Our courses have been certified by the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Certification Service as conforming to continuing professional development principles and so they can count towards your CPD for the year.

Bouncing Forward! Introduction to resilience – 2 Hour Workshop – Level 0
We will introduce you to Boingboing’s resilience principles that HeadStart is using in partnership with schools, community groups and charities to support young people and families across Blackpool. You can learn new ideas, meet others and see what opportunities are coming up in Blackpool. Who’s it for? Everybody! If you are under 12 and have learning difficulties, this might be tricky, but you can come anyway, it’s for anybody.
Thursday 12 October 2017
Saturday 18 November 2017
Thursday 14 December 2017

Introduction to Resilient Therapy & putting it into practice – 1 Day Workshop (CPD) – Level 1
Find out about resilience and Resilient Therapy, a straightforward and strategic way of working with children, young people and families that builds capacity to manage life’s challenges more resiliently. Who’s it for? Anyone interested in supporting children and young people in Blackpool to be resilient, including practitioners, parents and young people. No previous experience needed.
Wednesday 20 September 2017

Understanding the Academic Resilience Approach & putting it into practice – 1 Day Workshop (CPD) – Level 1/2
Learn about the Academic Resilience Approach and how school communities can build resilience and cushion pupils, parents and staff from the worst effects of adversity. Who’s it for? Anyone interested in supporting children and young people in Blackpool schools: practitioners, parents, young people. You will have an advantage if you’ve done an Introduction course first.
Tuesday 17 October 2017

Practitioner resilience – 1 Day Workshop (CPD) – Level 1/2
Whether you are newly qualified, experienced, facing uncertainty, change or striving for a work life balance, this training day will support you to explore your own resilience as a practitioner. Who’s it for? Social workers, teachers, practitioners supporting children and young people in Blackpool.
Further dates to be confirmed

We’re really flexible and we try to vary what we do to support everybody’s learning needs. If you fancy reading about our resilience approach before coming to a course, have a nose around the website, where we have lots of free resources.