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Working with and alongside children, young people, families and adults exposed to social disadvantage and inequalities is at the heart of our work.  Resilience research and practice provides powerful knowledge to help people having particularly tough times. Here you can find out more about who we are, what we do, and read brief biographies of the marvellous people who work, volunteer and collaborate with Boingboing.


Boingboing provides opportunities to learn about resilience. We run regular Resilience Forums, develop Resilience Frameworks, books and other materials, and offer training and talks on resilient approaches to life’s challenges.  We are currently involved in several research projects, including some on schools-based or ‘academic’ resilience. Skip right now to the free suite of resources to help schools develop academic resilience which Professor Angie Hart produced with Lisa Williams with input from various other individuals and organisations, especially YoungMinds, Hove Park School and Eleanor Smith School.

While there are loads of academic articles and books on resilience, not enough of them provide practical tips to help children, young people and adults to bounce up against the odds. As well as working with individuals and groups, we also try to do our bit to tackle unfair practices by governments and other big players. Our work is strongly rooted in a social justice agenda, and we do not believe that resilience promotion should be about maximising the survival of the fittest. That’s why we have been developing approaches, like Resilient Therapy (RT), and the Resilience Framework, for anyone to use.

Boingboing loves collaborating with people to encourage and co-develop resilience research and practice. The majority of our work is with children, young people and families, and those involved in supporting them. However, the more we disseminate our ideas, the more we find adult practitioners wanting information about how to make resilient moves to tackle real life situations too. We are therefore also interested in developing practitioner resilience.

The Boingboingers

Here’s just some of the inspiring people we work with in the resilience network.  You can find out more about them by clicking on their biographies.

Who is Angie Hart?

I find the ideas very useful in my family life, especially as I’m the adoptive parent of three gorgeous young people from the care system, all of whom have complex needs, and who are all now young adults.

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Helen Arnold-Jenkins

My commitment is in bringing something uniquely personal to our training sessions; you will hear about my own journey of bringing up two sons and the highs and lows of that continuing journey.

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Kim Aumann

I have set up, facilitated, delivered and managed different community based projects all of my working life, bringing an eclectic mix of experience to resilience work.

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Caroline Beswick

I am a qualified social worker and have previously been a foster carer, held several youth work roles and have managed a countywide Children’s Rights service. Looking forward to playing my part in the Resilience Revolution.

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Shahnaz Biggs

I love the fact that Boingboing is all about resilience. To volunteer with and now work for an organisation that embeds and creates resilience practices as part of its core is fantastic and an amazing opportunity.

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Derek Blincow

I am interested in resilience as concept as I always felt that this was a way to help children and their families that held more promise than more deficit-based approaches.

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Lisa Buttery

I became involved with Boingboing through Experience in Mind (an organisation that delivered training and produced resources to raise awareness of mental health issues in young people).

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Josh Cameron

I am specifically interesting in adapting the Resilience framework and some of its practices for use with adults. I have also really valued and used the collaborative approach Boingboing promotes.

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Stephanie Coombe

I am interested in whether or not teachers are able to use the Resilience Framework to achieve more positive outcomes for children whose predicted life trajectories are poor overall.

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Tadgh Crozier

I have worked in substance misuse for 18 years and volunteered with Boingboing since 2015. I really enjoy the variety of work. I support Gay and Bisexual men, who are engaging in chemsex, to overcome obstacles in their recovery.

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Scott Dennis

I am a parent of three adopted children with complex needs, and I have seen how the Resilience Framework can be used in practice to help build a person’s resilience.

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Penny Dodds

I am a Professional Practice Development Facilitator, part of the Practice Development Team with the charity Dementia UK, supporting the development of Admiral Nurses, and I also volunteer with Boingboing.

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Simon Duncan

I’ve been involved in a number of projects, such as presentations about being resilient whilst having a physical disability to a variety of audiences including professionals and trainee social workers.

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Suna Eryigit Madzwamuse

My passion for working at the interface between research and practice has developed through an interdisciplinary background and experiences in various institutions and cultures.

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Mirika Flegg

With a background in the community sector in Canada and New Zealand, my interest is in exploring resilience and peer support across patient populations.

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Emily Gagnon

I encountered Boingboing through my community work with young people with mental health issues when we co-created resources such as the Visual Arts Practice for Resilience Guide.

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Maria Georgiadi

Working with children with special needs motivated and triggered my scientific curiosity to explore resilience, revealing new perspectives and horizons.

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Ulrike Graf

I am strongly committed to implementing the concept of happiness as part of the curriculum of teacher training in order to promote reflection about one’s own attitudes towards life.

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Phil Haynes

My particular interest in understanding public policy systems and their organisation, seeing them as complex, unpredictable and challenging systems.

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Becky Heaver

My background in psychology and neuroscience. I really enjoy working in an area that is accessible and has the potential to make a real difference to real people.

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Lindsay Hill

I was drawn to resilience research as it resonated with personal experiences of growing up in a large family and my experiences of working with children in the care system.

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Mary Hinton

I was a classroom teacher and school leader for over twenty years before moving to work with young offenders and then children in care and care leavers.

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Ian Hockaday

I am currently on a career break and using my time to finish several longstanding projects, as well as volunteering with Boingboing and learning more about resilience.

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Caroline Hudson

I have developed a resilience toolkit for mentors and have been working with colleagues and students to explore resilience approaches in Practice Teacher Preparation.

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Joshua Kania

Although I am new, I have learned so much and grown as a person. This is thanks to the variety of training, my brilliant colleagues and the vast amount of group work. Thanks to this I have a better understanding of the person I’m going to be.

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Wassilis Kassis

I like to understand how people come to terms with their life. How do we cope with opportunities, given the knowledge that back-slopes are to be expected?

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Elias Kourkoutas

I am interested in resilience based inclusive work that helps children with special educational needs, social emotional and academic difficulties, and at risk for exclusion.

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Hannah Macpherson

My interest is how visual and performance arts can be used to communicate and build resilience. I enjoy collaborative work alongside people who want to make a positive difference.

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Carmel McKeogh

It was a privilege to be the lead of Blackpool’s HeadStart bid to the Big Lottery. We learned a great deal about how we could support young people in Blackpool to develop resilience.

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Anne Rathbone

I am undertaking a PhD, working with young people with learning disabilities as co-researchers to explore their own experiences of resilience – what is helpful and what is not.

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Gabrielle Rowles

I have a background in both social work and teaching. I began my working life supporting disadvantaged groups or individuals, often using sport and outdoor adventure.

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Paige Spencer

My childcare background attracted me to join the Boingboing team and learn about resilience in depth, and how we can help children, young people and families’ lives for the better.

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Claire Stubbs

As a psychological therapist I appreciate the importance of working at a social, political and individual level, and my responsibility to challenge the way traditional therapy is delivered.

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