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Seeking Environmental Activist in Residence (x2) for the Lancashire Youth Climate Conference 


Residency duration: 6 months

Start: May 8th 2024

End: November 6th 2024

Pay: £12/hour

Commitment: 7 hours per week (worked flexibly)

Location: Blackpool Sixth Form College or Blackpool Council, with off site visits for networking. Some remote working possible.

Application deadline:  29th March 2024

What is a residency? 

A residency is a kind of partnership arrangement. For example, an art gallery might have a resident artist. This would mean that the artist is supported by the gallery for a period of time, to create collaborative work that the gallery will showcase. In the same way, with the ‘Activist in Residence’ project, a young person would partner with a host organisation to bring to life their activist ideas. 

The opportunity 

When it comes to the climate, there’s lots of talk but not enough action. The next Lancashire Youth Climate Conference will be taking place in October 2024. This is a great opportunity to mobilise as a collective and make meaningful, just change happen. This could be something like creating a joint action plan across the town to influence decision makers, policy or business practices. It could be establishing radical, green ways of living and working in our communities. The conference is also an opportunity to share learning on any activist initiatives people have been working on, find and build connections for stronger shared power, and inspire more people to become activists allies. 

The activists 

We are looking for two young people (16-21) to become Activists in Residence within the conference organising committee. The Activists in Residence will champion a social justice approach to both the format and the content of the conference. They will advocate for centring action and systems change at all stages of planning and delivery, to ensure that the conference will have an impact beyond the event itself. It will be up to the activists to decide how this is achieved (with support), and to hold those involved to account. 

 The ideal candidates for the Activist in Residence role will be passionate, proactive, and collaborative individuals with a strong commitment to driving positive change in Lancashire and beyond. 

The right person for the role: 

  1. Aged 16-21 
  2. Able to commit 7 hours per week (primarily within office hours Mon-Fri, 9-5) 
  3. Live, work or volunteer in Blackpool (if you are currently studying elsewhere but Blackpool is your permanent address that is fine) 
  4. Passionate about climate action and social justice
  5. Ability to take initiative and think creatively 
  6. Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills 
  7. Strong verbal and written communication skills 
  8. Basic use of IT 
  9. Highly organised with the ability to manage tasks and deadlines effectively 
  10. Ability to adapt to changing circumstances and priorities 
  11. Keenness to learn from others and actively seek out opportunities to develop own learning  
  12. Respect for people from all walks of life, with the ability to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives

Even better if they have: 

  1. Previous experience in environmental activism 
  2. Experience in event planning or coordination, particularly within the context of youth-focused conferences or activism 
  3. Demonstrated ability to build and maintain networks with key stakeholders, including local decision-makers, community groups, and environmental organisations 
  4. Previous leadership within the youth climate movement, with the ability to inspire and mobilise others towards collective action


* Activists will need to complete an Enhanced DBS check, which we will arrange and pay for.  

*Activists will be classed as self-employed, and will receive any support they need setting up and navigating this arrangement. 

The hosts and other support 

We believe in the power of the collective and know that this project has the best chance of achieving change when it is surrounded by allies. The activists will be hosted by members of the Lancashire Climate Action Network. One activist will be hosted at Blackpool Sixth Form College, the other within Blackpool Council. The host organisations will be supporters and mentors for the activists, sharing resources, networks and/or expertise with them, to achieve the campaign aims. The two activists are also encouraged to work closely together to plan and coordinate, checking in regularly to share ideas and learning.  

Boingboing Foundation (BBF) will offer regular check-ins throughout your project to make sure you’re happy and that everything is on track. We’ll offer advice and help find solutions for challenges you might encounter. BBF will allocate additional budget to support the residencies to be a success. This could be used for things like travel, resources, room hire or training. The use of this budget will be managed and agreed between the two activists. 

There will also be opportunities to connect with other environmentalist allies in the region and receive mentorship from experienced change-makers – including a previous Activist in Residence. 


How to apply

Tell us: 

  • What interests you in being an Activist in Residence. 
  • Examples and evidence of how you fit each of the criteria listed above. 
  • Any ideas you have for ensuring the conference makes a real difference. (This is not set in stone since you would work with the other Activist in Residence to hone your ideas together. We just want to get a flavour of what you might bring to the project.) 

You can write your response in a document, or make a video/ audio recording. 

For more info, and to submit your application, contact [email protected] 

An activist is someone who sees something wrong in society, and wants to help change things for the better. 

Activists do all sorts of different things. They organise community groups, lead marches, make art and talk to politicians. 

The point is that anyone can be an activist.

Activist in Residence – let’s make it happen

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