Anne Rathbone – Senior Training and Consultancy Manager, Boingboing, and PhD Student at the University of Brighton, specialising in co-production.

I work for Boingboing half time on training and consultancy work, most of which has a specific focus on inclusive engagement and co-production.  I am also undertaking PhD research with the University of Brighton, working with young people with learning disabilities as co-researchers to explore their own experiences of resilience – what is helpful and what is not, and undertaking self-directed collective action to challenge the adversities they face. The research, in partnership with Arts Connect (part of Culture Shift) in East Sussex, focuses on the use of arts-based activities to facilitate exploration of resilience issues and as a way of presenting findings.

I qualified as a youth and community worker originally, and after managing youth action and counselling services found my way into training and then commissioning in the public sector. Since then I have specialised in community development practice and consultancy experience in participatory approaches and co-production, especially with vulnerable young people. I am passionate about work that gives a voice to people who face discrimination and enables them to take action to challenge social injustice.

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