Bethan Morgan – Project Co-ordinator

Hello! I’m Bethan and I’m joining Boingboing as the new Project Coordinator. I am coming to Boingboing with experience from various front line roles in the health and social care sector in Brighton and Hove, where I have lived for nine-ish years. I have been a Support Worker for adults with autism, an Advocate for parents with learning disabilities and most recently a Link Worker, helping patients connect to the community resources around them, to improve their health and wellbeing. I’ve also volunteered locally in a variety of roles, for example as an Assistant Psychologist and in Research and Campaigns. Having since become familiar with Boingboing’s resilience framework, I can see that in all of these organisations, resilience based concepts have been central to providing effective and sustainable support, though without necessarily being called that.

After a while working in this sector I decided I wanted to be putting my efforts into understanding and transforming the systems and structures I could see at play every day, that reproduced inequalities and injustice, and created disadvantages for the people I was working with. This led to me going back to uni to do a Masters in International Development, which is about as ‘big picture’ as you can get (and quite a change from the Psychology degree I did). This taught me a lot about social justice, transformative practices, and the creation of knowledge, all of which hopefully stands me in good stead for the type work I will be involved with at Boingboing.