The Boingboing online shop is now live and you can purchase the ‘Build Your Resilience’ 2019 Calendar along with a number of books from Boingboingers.

The calendars have bee produced by the Ambassadors for a group called Arts Connect, which is part of Culture Shift (external link). The Ambassadors are co-researchers working with Boingboinger and University of Brighton PhD student, Anne Rathbone.

Enthused by being part of the research team, some of the Ambassadors went on to co-deliver teaching at the University of Brighton. They helped our future health practitioners think about how best to support people with learning difficulties. The group decided to use the money they earned to kick start developing and printing the calendar. Now they’ve created their own mini social enterprise and are selling the calendar to help fund further resilience-related activities, and to spread awareness of resilience.

Each month of the calendar highlights something that helps to build resilience. The Ambassadors have chosen their favourite resilience-building actions from our evidence-based Resilience Framework. They have illustrated these actions using clay models they made with the help of Boingboing and the University of Brighton’s Centre of Resilience for Social Justice (external link). The models are used to illustrate different aspects of resilience.

We hope you enjoy their 2019 calendar.

To purchase your calendar and to browse the other products, please visit the online shop.