Climate change and mental health: Exploring opinions and feelings about climate change

There are adults in power making decisions about climate change on behalf of the future of young people. We want to make sure that young people in Blackpool, UK have the opportunity to explore their opinions and feelings about climate change.

This project has now finished and is no longer recruiting people to take part.

But thinking and talking about climate change can make us feel all kinds of emotions…

Some unhelpful,
like intense worry – making us feel weighed down and lonely.

Some helpful,
like hope – making us get together and find creative solutions.

This project actively works with young people to understand how climate change affects their mental wellbeing. Working with the Youth Climate Group, one of our partners in this research we want to: 

  • Work as a group of young co-researchers on climate change topics relevant to Blackpool and mental wellbeing.
  • Share our findings with adults making decisions about climate change on behalf of young people, so the opinions and feelings of young people in Blackpool are considered in their actions.
  • Create resources to help other young people in Blackpool increase their resilience in the face of climate change.

You can read more details about the project aims and objectives here.

Researcher and Research Partners

University-based reseacher
Viktoria Erlacher
University of Brighton / CRSJ

Community co-researcher
Henry Pollock
University of Brighton / CRSJ

Project partner
Sam Richardson
Resilience Revolution Blackpool

Project partner
Young people
Aged 10-18
Blackpool Youth Climate Group

Viktoria Erlacher is a young PhD student at the University of Brighton’s Centre of Resilience for Social Justice and a Boingboing volunteer. In line with the Boingboing approach to resilience she wants to make sure to hold systems accountable rather than blaming the individual for their struggles. 

I’m an assistant co-production worker at Boingboing. Before this I did a PhD on the metaphysics of time. I’ve also done a bit of policy work around sustainability, and I’m really interested in how issues about climate change interact with issues about social justice. So obviously I’m very excited to be a part of the climate co-research group! 

Sam Richardson is a Youth Engagement Worker for the HeadStart Blackpool programme and a proud co-leader of the Blackpool Resilience Revolution! He was born and educated in Blackpool and is passionate about tackling inequality in all its forms.

Blackpool Youth Climate Group brings young people from various community groups together to take positive action for climate justice. We’re a collaboration of the Youth Voice Network, Junior Park Rangers and Resilience Revolution. We also work with Blackpool Council to run the 1st Youth Climate Summit 2021. Find out more about our group and what we hope to achieve here.

This project has now finished and is no longer recruiting people to take part.

This project is funded by the ESRC South Coast Doctoral Training Partnership.

Resilience Revolution