Emily Gagnon – Digital and design consultant to Boingboing and the Resilience Revolution

I’ve been volunteering and working with Boingboing for the best part of a decade, having first encountered the Boingboing community through community work with young people with experience of mental health issues when we worked with Boingboing to co-create resources such as the Visual Arts Practice for Resilience Guide. Through this and further work with Boingboing and Professor Angie Hart on projects such as Imagine and the Resilience Forum I developed an enduring interest for understanding resilience as well as collaborative working and co-productive research. Somewhere along the way I completed my PhD looking at young people’s beliefs and attitudes around psychoactive substances (then known as legal highs). Since then I’ve been busy working with Boingboing and the Resilience Revolution to help design and deliver a whole range of co-produced outputs including lots of digital offerings on the Boingboing website such as ReMiT: Resilient Minds Toolkit, Supporting children and young people’s mental health – A guide for schools,various blogs and even the odd academic paper.

In my spare time I can amost always be found at my local community farm in Sheffield where I help grow fruit and veg as well as working with alpacas, llamas, pigs, rabbits, chickens and ducks –  offering theraputic services to the local community and helping young people gain work experience and learn about animal care.

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