How do employers best support ex-offenders’ resilience in the workplace? A co-produced research study

This research will be co-produced with a team of ex-offenders to understand what resilient moves employers can make when employing ex-offenders. This research aims to open discussions with employers about how they can make positive interventions or resilient moves with ex-offenders in the workplace. Most offenders are eventually released, leaving the profound challenge of reintegrating them into the community. Working together as a team we want to: 

We are looking for ex-offenders aged 25-70 to take part in this study. 

  • Demonstrate the positive contribution employing ex-offenders has in the workplace.
  • Work with an advisory team of co-producers throughout the whole research process.
  • Interview employers who employ, or have previously employed ex-offenders to understand their experiences.

You can read more details about the project aims and objectives here.

Researcher and Research Partners

University-based reseacher
Justin Williams
University of Brighton / CRSJ

Justin Williams is PhD student at the University of Brighton’s Centre of Resilience for Social Justice with a strong affiliation to Boingboing. In line with Boingboing’s approach to resilience he believes in the power of changing the odds whilst beating the odds.  

Project partners
Team of ex-offenders
We are recruiting – find out more

A team of 10 ex-offenders will be recruited. They must have been out of prison for two years or more and have had some employment since release. The team will work with the university-based researcher throughout the whole PhD process. If you, or someone you know is interested in becoming a part of this team you can follow the link on this page for more information.

This project is funded by the ESRC South Coast Doctoral Training Partnership.