Henry Pollock – Assistant co-production worker

I’m mostly involved with co-production and co-research at Boingboing, but I’m also looking at the more theoretical side of resilience research and sometimes create digital outputs like animations.

In a previous life I worked in the automotive industry as a design sculptor, making (believe it or not) life-size clay models of cars. During this time I did an Open University Masters in social and political philosophy. It looked at stuff like collective responsibility and the concept of justice. After that I did a metaphysics PhD. My thesis addressed a certain problem facing the ‘block universe theory’ (worth a google). At the end of my PhD I did some research at a sustainability NGO, looking at the links between greenhouse gas emissions, plastic pollution, and food waste. This really confirmed to me that I should do something to make a difference, and is what led me to Boingboing. 

In my spare time I walk my dog, make music, write philosophy, and do the occasional bit of target shooting.