Louise Brinton-Clarke – Co-production co-ordinator

Hi I’m Louise, and I will be officially joining Boingboing on the 11th January.  I am very excited, albeit a bit nervous now that the time is fast approaching!

One of the appealing factors to joining Boingboing was that they asked for an individual with lived experience. Boingboing requesting lived experience highlighted to me the values of the organisation, something that is extremely important to me. I had a difficult start in life, spending the majority of my childhood in the care system. I left school at 14 and became a young, single mother to my son (who is now 21!).

After meeting my now-wife online, I moved to North Wales from Liverpool. The internet, for me, has been a wonderful development, allowing people to connect with others where they previously could not. Following the move to North Wales, I returned to education, spending two years in college before going to university to do my undergraduate in psychology; I then went on to complete a postgraduate diploma in counselling.

I have spent the last five and a half years working in mental health and substance misuse. Whilst I remain passionate about these sectors, I feel as though my new role in Boingboing will allow me to work alongside my core values – justice, equality and voices being heard.

I sincerely hope to bring both professional and personal experience to BoingBoing, as well as learning from the rest of the team.