Boingboing delivers training courses and presentations in Blackpool and Brighton to audiences interested in knowing more about resilience theory and research and/or its application to real life situations. We also offer some sessions online.

“Excellent speakers” (Service Manager)
“Life-changing course”
(Parent Carer)
“Learning with fun and humour – excellent” (Social Worker)
“First-rate session, very informative and thought provoking” (Headteacher)

Most of our focus is with children and families. However, we have also worked with practitioner resilience and delivered sessions to staff teams working with adults having tough times too.

So what can we offer?

It all rather depends on what you’re looking for:

– Very practice-orientated with loads of tips
– Fun and real
– Lively and scholarly
– Participatory and hands on
– Motivational for weary workers at the end of a long day, or
– A combination of some of the above.

And what will suit your needs: Keynotes, Seminars, Parent Support Course, Resilience Forum, Practice Supervision, Coaching.

“I found the course brilliant and it has given me food for thought to apply in my practice.” (Mental Health Worker)

Short talks or snappy presentations, half, full or multi day workshops or longer-term courses can cover for example:

– An overview of resilience research – the evidence base
– Resilient Practice – using the Resilient Therapy frame with children & young people
– Understanding and applying resilience to specific work settings
– Thinking resiliently and cultivating a resilient mindset
and language
– Strategies to build resilience with children families having tough times
– Working resiliently with young people living with ongoing difficulties
– Building practitioner and parent carer resilience
– Exploring experiences and gathering new skills to manage the demands of caring for children & young people

Our training programme is delivered by our team of trainers and expert partners who hold specialist knowledge or experience applying resilience to their parenting, practice or research work. For more information or general enquiries, contact us.