Phil Haynes – Professor of Public Policy, University of Brighton, and Volunteer at Boingboing

I am currently Professor of Public Policy at the University of Brighton where I teach public policy, public management and research methods. I have a particular interest in understanding public policy systems and their organisation, seeing them as complex, unpredictable and challenging systems, and trying to understand what this means for appropriate leadership, management and research strategies. I argue for building strong values and clear communication systems in our public services, as this will enable appropriate responsibility and decision making.

My work over the years has included researching a wide range of public policy situations and challenges, including projects that have focused on: local government, older people, housing, mental health, substance misuse and the wider economy and its effect on the public. I am interested in international comparisons, as we can always learn from other countries and governments. I previously worked as a social worker and probation officer, specialising in substance misuse treatment.

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