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The Pathways to Resilience III Conference, Halifax, Canada continued! Thursday 18 June 2015

by Lindsay Hill and Caroline Hudson – Boingboing bloggers

Lindsay Hill and Caroline Hudson, both part of the Boingboing community, attended the Pathways to Resilience III Conference in Halifax and wanted to add their pennyworth after Ann Masten’s talk. Here’s what they had to say on the topic of resilience research and practice:

After Ann Masten’s lecture we are more than ever convinced of the importance of campaigning for the next step in resilience research and practice, which explicitly addresses the political nature of poverty and discrimination and tries to tackle inequalities, that which is consistent with the Boingboing resilience approach. Ann has made a great contribution to our understanding of resilience processes, we now need an approach that galvanises and pushes back on inequalities in the process of the research.

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