Rosie Gordon – PhD Student at the University of Brighton and Boingboing Volunteer

I was drawn to work with Boingboing due to their strong emphasis on co-production, youth voice and activism and social justice. There have been many iterations and definitions of resilience across the years, but Boingboing’s definition highlights the importance of equality and transformation. It’s not enough to just beat the odds, we must also attempt to change them too! With Boingboing, I believe I can effectively support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our society, through both research and practice.

To that end, I am currently working with the Centre of Resilience for Social Justice at the University of Brighton, in partnership with Boingboing, Blackpool Council and Blackpool HeadStart, to examine the sustainability and efficacy of the Academic Resilience Approach (ARA). My focus will be on the degree to which the ARA influences secondary school exclusion rates through the lens of mental health.

After being a pupil in Blackpool myself, I couldn’t be prouder to be working with Boingboing and supporting the Resilience Revolution in Blackpool schools!


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