The Smart Moves Workbooks have been put together by Eikon Charity, adapted from or inspired by The Resilient Classroom Resource Pack written by Sam Taylor, Angie Hart and Hove Park School as part of the Academic Resilience Approach. Teacher packs summarise research into resilience and introduce the Resilience Framework. Teacher lesson plans and corresponding student work books cover a multitude of different topics on the Framework. Topics were chosen in response to research by Eikon with Year 6 and 7 students and teachers, identifying key areas related to transitioning from junior to secondary school. Student and Teacher packs are available for Years 6 and 7 to support transition from primary to secondary school, and can be browsed below. For more information visit the Eikon website. Years 6, 7  and 8 packs can be ordered on the Eikon website: order your free packs here. 

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