Stephanie Coombe – Assistant Head Teacher at a special school

I am an Assistant Head Teacher at a special school for children under 16, with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties (ESBD). I’m a kiwi and have taught in London schools for the past 11 years. I studied psychology and social work in New Zealand, and worked in statutory child protection and a multi disciplinary team with children with children with special educational needs. I am currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Brighton looking at how the Resilience Framework may be used for children such as those at our school, with complex needs.

Along with having Statements of Special Educational Needs for ESBD, these children may also have learning difficulties, diagnosed psychological disorders (such as ADHD) and communication difficulties. I am interested in whether or not teachers are able to use the Resilience Framework to achieve more positive outcomes for the children, as their predicted life trajectories are poor overall.  Juggling work, my research and a 3 year old all give testament to my resilience at times!

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