A word on using Zoom for our online training:

We have reluctantly decided to use Zoom to prioritise digital inclusivity and want to explain why. Boingboing aims to use technology in ways that fit with our vision. This is a loving, fun, and fair world where individuals from all walks of life are valued and respected. Early in the pandemic, some of us felt strongly that we shouldn’t use Zoom. This was because of their approach to privacy and safeguarding. We worried about how they were using and sharing data that could have consequences for social justice. We opted to use Microsoft Teams as our platform to deliver training. This was by no means perfect. Still, at the time it had a better approach to the things we were worried about. However, a number of issues which affect the accessibility of our training using Microsoft Teams have prompted a change of strategy. We have done lots of research and talked to different groups of people. Zoom has come out as the top preference. Our research included reading about reported improvements in privacy and security practices by Zoom, which goes some way to reducing our worries. Access to secure, ethical, accessible and ideally not-for-profit digital platforms continues to be a topic of intense debate within Boingboing. We will continue our commitment to ‘changing the odds’. This includes calling out bad practice, contributing to campaigns for change, and supporting not-for-profit enterprises so they are able to offer competitive and suitable alternatives.

Minimising your exposure on Zoom

If you would like to minimise exposure, use Zoom through your browser and be aware that Zoom will be able to see what you post in chats.