Visual Arts Practice for Resilience: A guide for working with young people with complex needs 

Written by: Sue Winter, Lisa Buttery, Laura Gahan, Sam Taylor, and Emily Gagnon with Angie Hart and Hannah Macpherson.

Who might find this guide helpful?

  • Trained community artists, youth workers and art therapists interested in using resilience ideas in their work with young people.
  • Practitioners, parents and young people who already use resilience-based approaches.
  • Policy makers and people interested in commissioning more arts for resilience projects.

What are the aims of the guide?

  • To offer practical advice and ideas that are affordable and accessible and can be put into practice with groups of young people.
  • To show how you might put resilience theory into practice and facilitate art-based activities.

This isn’t a one size fits all approach – some young people may benefit from collaborative work that helps them with their social skills. Others may want to develop a particular talent or skill set, so work will need to be sensitive to the needs of the individuals and the group.

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