Wassilis Kassis – Professor of Educational Sciences, University of Osnabrück, Germany

I’m a Full Professor for Educational Sciences at the University of Osnabrück in Northern Germany. I’m born in Athens/Greece, raised in Switzerland, and now I’m working in Germany. As you can easily identify quite a mixture, isn’t it? Also due to that background I very much like understanding under which conditions people are coming to terms with their life. How do we cope with great opportunities in our everyday life, given the knowledge that back-slopes are to be expected? How do we develop the strength for coping with “freak waves” of trouble, and especially who is out there to help us keep going even if it feels like heaven just fell on our head?

For understanding just few of these questions and also on trying to answer them, I followed the academic path. With students, colleagues, co-workers, and of course with the just marvellous contributors of the Boingboing-project I’m developing and evaluating resilience projects. I’m fond of numbers, questionnaires, and of course care also for statistics. So if you’re also interested on that, please contact me and let’s check what we are able to do for developing more appropriate spaces for learning and living.

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