Resilience and social marketing – Thursday 10 May 2018 – Brighton Resilience Forum

Resilience and social marketing – Thursday 10 May 2018 – Brighton Resilience Forum

Topic:  Resilience and social marketing: A socio-ecological approach to behaviour change – Matthew Wood, University of Brighton

Date:  Thursday 10 May 2018

Time: 1.00pm for 1.15-3.00pm

Location:  115 Mayfield House, Falmer Campus, University of Brighton, Brighton, BN1 9PH

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Summary:  Social marketing is the application of commercial marketing approaches (consumer insight research, segmentation, communications, branding etc.) to encourage or enable voluntary behaviour change for individual or social good. For example, Change4Life was developed as part of a national social marketing strategy to address rising levels of obesity amongst young people in the UK. Based on his doctoral research, Matthew argues that resilience – and its underlying socio-ecological perspective – is a critical concept which could serve to integrate different views on, and approaches to, social marketing. From a socio-ecological perspective research findings highlight the impact that macro, meso and micro forces have on behaviour, the importance of a child’s micro-system, and the influence it has on development and life outcomes.  The aim is to inspire social marketers to move away from narrow, issue-based interventions targeting individual behaviours, and to consider the impact of social ecologies, particularly the contribution resilience research can make to behaviour change. At the same time, social marketing thinking and approaches have something valuable to offer resilience researchers and practitioners – together they could be a powerful force for social change.

Biography:  Matthew Wood is Principal Lecturer in Marketing at Brighton Business School, University of Brighton, and the Marketing Subject Group Leader. He is also Course Leader for the Postgraduate Certificate in Social Marketing programme. Matthew works closely with communications and behaviour change agency The Campaign Company and the charity Drinkaware. He regularly publishes in The Journal of Social Marketing and Social Marketing Quarterly. Matthew recently completed his PhD, which offers a new approach to behaviour change by integrating resilience and social marketing principles. He is a member of the Centre of Resilience for Social Justice research group where he aims to extend his doctoral work.

Who might be most interested:  Academics, practitioners, researchers, parents/carers, community workers, volunteers, public sector workers, young people, anybody interested in social marketing.

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Travel Information:  For details of where to find us please see this map (external link). The Falmer Campus is well-served by public transport (25 bus and Falmer train station).

*NOTE Parking restrictions will be in force, with clamping and fines being issued. Demand for parking at Falmer is far in excess of the spaces available and alternative transport is strongly recommended. Please ensure that if you do need to bring your car you either have a Falmer permit or you contact us to pre-book a parking space well in advance. See our travel information page.

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