Resilience – Why bother? Conference, 6-7 April 2011, Brighton

Our Resilience – Why bother? Conference was held in the lovely seaside town of Brighton in April 2011 and welcomed hundreds of resilience folk from a variety of backgrounds and countries. The conference was a huge success thanks in no small part to all the fab speaker and poster contributions, and our amazing technical and stewarding team!

Share, swap and debate resilience research and practice knowledge

The conference was for those who are passionate about the field of resilience: Researchers, practitioners, parents and carers, policy makers, service users and young adults.

This exciting conference was a creative mix of different individuals and groups, coming together to examine what resilience research is telling us AND consider ways of working in light of these findings. Just how does resilience help us to foster healthy responses in times of trouble?

The programme included keynotes from leading international academics, parents, young people and practitioners, with workshops, panel debate, posters and networking.

Attending enabled participants to:
• Learn about resilience research and practice application in different health, social care and community contexts
• Develop research and practice partnerships
• Network with others working with resilience from the UK and beyond.

The conference was a collaborative venture, organised by the University of Brighton with community partners, Amaze and Boingboing.

Amaze BoingBoing

You can still download most of the workshop presentations if you wish to check out the sessions:

Derek Blincow – Child protection resilient therapy
Helen Laity – Let’s go using the RT Framework to inform action planning
Marco Ius – The resilience tutor from hidden child survivors of the holocaust
Gail Kinman – Enhancing reflective practice resilience wellbeing
Ruth Brown – Developing confidence self-worth and self-esteem during childhood
Annalakshmi Narayanan – Academic resilience in low socioeconomic students in rural India
Trisha Waters – Story links, working with parents of pupils at risk of exclusion
Femi Nzegwu – Resilience in practice the British Red Cross
Paula McFadden – Resilience burnout in child protection social work
Josh Cameron – Resilience at work
Wassilis Kassis – Staying a violence-free adolescent despite massive social burdens
Elizabeth Chalk – Risk and resilience model South Tyneside
Kenneth Cunningham – Hope, inspiration and the inspired self
Kim Aumann & Mariola Rosser – Self-determination and resilience: two approaches to student empowerment
John Graham-Pole – The art of resilience interactive workshop
Denis Byrne – Let’s go round again: exploring small resilient moves
Lynne Cohen – The relationship between resilience and university success
Meredith Nirui – Resilience in the context of homeless women with children in Sydney
Annalakshmi Narayanan – Probabilistic orientation
Ivana Maurović – Strengths of children and youth at risk in Croatia
Piotr Trzesniak – Resilience: children’s work in Brazil
Nanda Talsma – Exploring resources for youth resilience
Anne Clilverd – Narrative approaches to resilience practice: community mental health
Rob Kirkwood – Fostering resilient factors for emotional health well-being in young people with disabilities
Jennifer Pearson – Reaching in reaching out: creating a culture of resilience
Kirsty Furness – Resilience self-efficacy and connectedness: Project K
Leila Lahfa – My personal best: achieving personal success, developing resilience techniques
Mandie Shean – The experience of resilient adolescents: process from risk to success
Lindsey Hill – Implementing Resilient Therapy with kinship carers
Odin Hjemdal – Resilience as a frame of reference for improving adaptation among clinical samples
Tom Scanlon – Measuring community resilience using routine data in Brighton & Hove
Gill Windle – Resilience research: consolidating 20 years of evidence
Clare Marriott – Promoting resilience in people who have experienced child sexual abuse
Julie Ann Pooley – Resilience wellbeing and their relationship to posttraumatic stress growth
Yvon Guest – A holistic understanding of resilience
Elizabeth Cotton – Resilience and corporate social responsibility
Kay Aranda – Narratives and resilience

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