“You cannot expect to build resilience with children and families, if you haven’t first considered your own resilience and how you’re developing and sustaining it in whatever role you inhabit – worker, parent, whatever. It’s quite an important principle that underpins our work and it’s why we encourage practice supervision”. (Kim Aumann)

What is supervision?

Supervision is a time for reflection and robust thinking about the challenges and opportunities that face individuals and teams in their working lives, whether this be in organisations or the family. Through deep exploration of work tasks and relationships, people are able to stand back and gain some clarity about the pertinent issues present and have some time to think of resilience based moves that will help them move forward productively and effectively. The parent or worker sets the agenda for the sessions, and the supervisor helps conduct the process to enable the person or team to get as much understanding, meaning and learning as possible from their specific scenario to develop their own resilience, so that they may offer it to others.

Angie Hart offers practice supervision. For more information contact us.

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