What do we do?

Boingboing aims to model and promote resilience research and practice that challenges social inequalities, in pursuit of a loving, fun and fair world where individuals from all walks of life are valued and respected.

Items on a table including the Resilience Revolution Manifesto, the Resilience Framework and badges

We offer a wealth of free resources created and developed by Boingboing community. These resources have been created with the aim of supporting our own resilience and that of children, young people, families and various communities such as parents and carers, ex-offenders, adults in recovery and those of us facing all sorts of discrimination and disadvantage.

While our research has been conducted closely with the University of Brighton, we have a strong focus on practical approaches and working with and alongside children, young people, families and adults exposed to social disadvantage and inequalities is at the heart of our work. As well as working with individuals and groups, we also try to do our bit to tackle unfair practices by governments and other big players. Our work is strongly rooted in a social justice agenda, and we do not believe that resilience promotion should be about maximising the survival of the fittest. That is why we describe resilience as more than just finding ways for individuals to bounce forward when things are tough but rather:

For the Boingboing community seeing resilience this way creates a social movement that looks to change systems rather than blame individuals for the challenges they face. We call this social movement The Resilience Revolution which has been successfully piloted in Blackpool in partnership with Blackpool Headstart and Blackpool Council.

We are currently involved in numerous other research projects and programs, including the now well established Academic Resilience Approach and more recently our Nothing about us without us project which is exploring the mental health benefits of civic activism part of our Activism for Resilience Approach.

And, as ever, we continue to explore and develop our hugely popular Resilience Framework which continues to be an important cornerstone of our work. And in line with our principles social justice most of our Resilience Framework and Resilient Therapy resources (on which the framework is based) are free to access and download.

Boingboing Resilience Framework. Help young people and families build resilience

Boingboing loves collaborating with people to encourage and co-develop resilience research and practice and there are a number of ways to get involved in our community from engaging in partnerships and collaborations, obtaining fellowships and studentships, volunteering, attending events and training to simply signing up to our newsletter or following us on social media.

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