Sometimes there’s just no substitute for watching resilience-building in action. To get a flavour of our work, check out some of our short films and videos.

Boingboing Community University Partnership Hits The Road (YouTube)

So what happened when a group of young people and young adults from different community groups in East Sussex co-curated an exhibition on resilience at a Research Council event in Cardiff with a bunch of University of Brighton academics? Did they all live to tell the tale? What did they actually exhibit? What can other people learn from the experience? Did the trip encourage them all to carry on working together? Watch our film to find the answers. [Click on the icon to turn on subtitles/closed captions in Spanish.]

Co-production with young people with learning disabilities (YouTube)

This video showcases the Arts Connect programme run by Culture Shift in East Sussex and how they model good co-production with people with learning disabilities (the Arts Ambassadors). The Arts Ambassadors also work with the University of Brighton on resilience research and co-present this to academics, practitioners and others.

Boosting resilience for young people: Resilient Therapy (YouTube)

Resilient Therapy, a successful resilience-boosting practice, provides a selection of remedies to help disadvantaged children and young people ‘bounce back’ in tough times. One of the ESRC’s short films about research they have funded.

TEDxBrighton — Angie Hart — Making Resilient Moves (YouTube)

Angie is a child and family psychotherapist and has always been interested in human resilience and our ability to overcome adversity.

The Make Your Mark film – Rough Sea Films (Vimeo)

This documentary about the project includes footage from the 10 weekly resilience-building arts workshops, the end of project exhibition showcasing the young people’s art work, and interviews and artists statements from the young people experiencing mental health complexities and /or learning difficulties who participated in the workshops.

Using Systems Theory (YouTube)

Understanding and implementing system change in child mental health – a conversation between Professor Angie Hart and Professor Philip Haynes, Brighton University. They discuss system change and what system change might look like in relation to developing children’s resilience.

Equalities approaches to young people’s resilience (YouTube)

Professor Angie Hart, Boingboing, Brighton University, talks about building systems which reach young people from marginalised communities and minority groups, at the HeadStart Conference April 2015.

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