Coaching is an excellent way to help people think and to build resilience through supported problem solving.

Our resilience-based approach to coaching works from the Noble Truths in the Resilience Framework. This means helping people to think about their circumstances, accepting what is the reality, recognising and conserving the positive things, making a commitment to working on some other things that may not be so good and considering where and how to enlist additional support or information as required.

Coaching differs from supervision in that the purpose and content of a session belongs to and is decided by the coachee. The coach’s role is to facilitate thinking not to offer advice or to be an ‘expert’. This makes it asset based and empowering for the coachee.

Session 1
Complete a contract with the coachee which:
– builds rapport
– clarifies the role of coach
– identifies the style of coaching the coachee would prefer
– sets accountability and confidentiality parameters
– agrees areas of primary focus.
There will also be a shortened coaching session.

Subsequent sessions
Bespoke to the coachee but could include tools and activities to:
– help him/her to understand what kind of manager/ leader he/she is and how this might affect his/her work and working
– think through a particular problem or barrier to progress using a solution focused approach
– think through ways to build resilience in an individual, a team, an organisation or a system.

Who is this for?
– Anyone who is interested in exploring their life, work and challenges through a resilience lens.
– Commissioners, senior managers and strategic influencers who would like to build their own resilience or find out how approaching their work in this way can benefit organisations, services and whole communities.

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We look forward to working with you!