Topic:  Resilience in Practice: the Blackpool experience – Ms. Pauline Wigglesworth, Service Manager, & Councillor Marc Chevreau, Blackpool  Council

Resources: You can download the slides, read our Blog and download a summary.

Session Summary: YoungMinds is leading a consortium to support and develop 12 HeadStart local partnerships build the emotional resilience of young people aged 10-14. At our HeadStart national event in May, Blackpool HeadStart Partnership shared their resilience model which helps explore potential resources available for young people to build their resilience individually, within their family, school and community. This new and innovative approach to applying resilience theory in practice is highly thought provoking and begins with the question ‘What can we change together, so children and young people can flourish and belong?’

Join us to hear from the architects of the resilience model as they outline the Blackpool experience, how they have developed and implemented it so far and contribute to the discussion of how the model could be further advanced and applied. Light refreshments will be provided.

Biography: Pauline Wigglesworth and Marc Chevreau are the leads within Blackpool Council for the delivery of the Headstart programme in Blackpool. Pauline is the lead service manager within the Council responsible for the programme. Marc Chevreau is a Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist with Blackpool Council.

This session was a joint venture between YoungMinds, Boingboing and the University of Brighton and took place on Tuesday 11 August 2015.

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