Topic: Resilience – How is the concept implemented in practice in child welfare and protection? – Brigid Daniel, Stirling University

Resources: You can download Brigid’s slides.

Session summary: This presentation will provide an overview of the concept of resilience as incorporated into a framework for practice in child welfare and protection. Ways in which practitioners are already applying the concept in practice will be explored, drawing on research into the operationalisation of resilience. The dangers of uncritical use of the concept will be considered in the context of a critical analysis of the underlying factors that lead to the phenomenon known as resilience.

Biography: Brigid Daniel, MA (Hons), PhD, CQSW, originally studied psychology and carried out research in infant perceptuo-motor development. Following qualification as a social worker she practised in Edinburgh in Intake and then in a Children and Families team. She then worked at Dundee University on post-qualifying courses in child care and protection, at Stirling University as Senior Lecturer in Social Work and returned to Dundee as the Professor of Child Care and Protection and Director of Studies of Child Care and Protection. She is currently Professor of Social Work at Stirling University in the Department of Applied Social Science and is head of the Social Work section which delivers undergraduate and post-graduate qualifying social work programmes as well as a range of continuing professional development courses. Brigid was a member of the team that undertook the multi-disciplinary audit and review of child protection in Scotland that reported in ‘It’s everyone’s job to make sure I’m alright’. Her research interests and publications are in the areas of child development, children’s resilience, work with fathers and child neglect.

This session took place on Wednesday 9 November 2011.

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