Topic: Health, education and resilience in the UK – Laura Vanderbloemen, The Equality Trust

Resources: You can download Laura’s slides.

Session Summary: Resilience is a highly valued in modern societies, but where does it come from? What role does policy play, and how do inequalities influence whether children grow up to be resilient? These questions will be explored and a set of online educational materials (games, stories, theatre workshops, videos and blogs, etc.) designed for 16-19 year olds will be introduced.

Biography: Laura Vanderbloemen’s background is in epidemiology. She started out working for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Center for Infectious Disease (NCID) as well as at the WHO / PAHO with the Regional Advisor on Health Promotion and Health Education for Latin America and the Caribbean. Her interests and some past projects include investigating risk factors for TB infection at the US-Mexico border, economic models estimating vaccine cost effectiveness developed by USAID Peru and a WHO / PAHO cost-effectiveness working group and quantitative longitudinal analyses to examine the health effects on children whose mothers smoke during pregnancy.

Who might be most interested: Academics, practitioners, researchers, students, parents, carers, community workers, volunteers, public sector workers, young people and service users.

Key Reading: Online educational materials from The Equality Trust

This session took place on Thursday 31 July 2014.

The Resilience Forum is for ANYBODY (with a pulse!) involved with or interested in resilience research!

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