Topic:  Engaging young people to inform health improvement commissioning in East Sussex: focussing on emotional well-being and resilience – Dr Chris Cocking

Resources: You can download Chris’ slides and you can read our Blog.

Session Summary: This talk will focus on some work that was recently conducted to explore young people’s views of the available services in local schools and youth clubs to encourage their emotional and well-being and resilience and was part of a larger study commissioned by East Sussex County Council to explore young people’s views of services available to promote their general health and well-being (Sherriff, N.S., Coleman, L., and Cocking, C., 2015; Engaging young people to inform health improvement commissioning in East Sussex). We conducted focus groups with around 100 young people in a variety of educational and youth settings across the County and asked them about how schools and youth services could help encourage increased resilience in young people with a view to providing recommendations for commissioning relevant services. I will discuss the main findings from this study, and their implications for resilience theory and practice. (This session was originally scheduled for 30 September.)

Biography: Dr Chris Cocking is a Social Psychologist with a research background in crowd behaviour and collective resilience. Previous work he has done has focussed on how collective resilience can emerge during mass emergencies, and along with colleagues has helped create the Social Identity Model of Collective Resilience (SIMCR). More recently he has been applying this theoretical model to explore the situations under which collective resilience can emerge to help protect against exposure to general stress and adversity.

Who might be most interested: Academics, researchers, students, parents/carers, community workers, volunteers, public sector workers, young people.

Further reading:
Sherriff, N.S., Coleman, L., and Cocking, C. (2015). Engaging young people to inform health improvement commissioning in East Sussex. Final report to East Sussex County Council. Brighton: University of Brighton.
Cocking, C (2013) Collective resilience versus collective vulnerability after disasters- a Social Psychological perspective. In R. Arora (ed.) Disaster Management: A Medical Perspective. CABI: Oxford, UK.

This session took place on Wednesday 9 December 2015.

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