Topic:  The Role of Methodical Empathy in the Resilience Framework – Yehuda Tagar

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Session Summary: Methodical Empathy and Resilience Framework evolved during the same period, the former in the south, the latter in Europe, aiming in the same direction in complementary ways. Based on the personal development methodology of Psychophonetics, Methodical Empathy enables the on-going development of empathic capacities towards others on the basis of an on-going perspective and empathy towards oneself.

Empathy is a new name (1951, Rogers) to a new human capacity: understanding another being from that other being’s own point of view. As the old social guidance of tribal, traditional and religious structures break down with the un-stoppable march of individuation – social cohesion can only be maintained with the emergence of this new social capacity of empathy. It is a new organ of perception which can only evolve consciously.

Methodical Empathy is a skill-based method of self-training which can be imparted to anyone with any level of starting point. It combines the objectives of self care, requiring ‘self-empathy’ with the objectives of understanding and caring for others, as the one cannot evolve without the other.

Methodical Empathy complements the Resilience Framework by providing skills for self-sustainability and skills for maintaining and restoring interpersonal relationship, at the same time. It encourages self reliance and self respect by enabling people to become their own healers, therapists, teachers and leaders – through the act of self empathy.

Biography: Yehuda is an Australian, South African, British psychotherapist & trainer of Psychotherapists, founder of Psychophonetics, co-director, Psychophonetics Institute International, Psychosophy Academy of Central Europe, Skola Empathie (Slovakia), SAFE – South African Foundation of Empathy and BECOME – British College of Methodical Empathy. Together with Tessa Martina BECOME provides Methodical Empathy based public education as well as professional training in Mentoring, coaching, counselling and psychotherapy in Hastings-Brighton area.

Who might be most interested: Academics, practitioners, parents/carers, community workers, young people.

This session took place on Wednesday 24 February 2016.

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