Topic:  Resilience and its central characteristics, how could we use it? A discussion – Odin Hjemdal

Resources: You can download Odin’s slides.

Session summary: Resilience is a large area of knowledge, and it may be difficult to get an overview. Therefore it is easy to be bewildered. Based on an extensive review of resilience some of the most important characteristics were found and will be presented. Understanding and measuring the capacity to adapt in the face of adversity will be discussed. The overview of the central characteristics may be a foundation for generating alternative ways of adjusting to the challenges of hardship. This presentation will be discussing and proposing a practical approach to implementing the resilience knowledge.

Biography: Odin Hjemdal is a clinical psychologist from Norway, with a PhD that focused on how to measure the resources identified in resilience research. The research on measurement of resilience factors started back in 1999, and has resulted in numerous publications.  Identifying some of the most important factors in resilience is important because they may be essential in improving the lives of challenged individuals and families. He will be presenting some of his work on measuring resilience. He is currently working as professor at the Department of psychology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

This session took place on Friday 9 November 2012.

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