Topic:  The Resilience Forum: What might it look like in ten years ’ time? – Boingboing

Resources: You can download the slides.

Session Summary: We’ve been going for over five years now.  Themes have covered practitioner resilience, children and young people’s resilience, inequalities, mindfulness, resilience to reoffending, parent/carer resilience and loads more.  We usually have a speaker, some have been local, others have come from Scotland, Norway and Canada!  Participants have included young people, parents, academics, researchers, public sector workers, voluntary and community organisation bods.  Forums have been happening in Brighton, Hastings and London, with the odd pop-up Forum in Wales and Sweden, but mostly in Brighton. But where do we go from here?

Are we getting a diverse enough crowd?  People will soon be able to Skype in over the internet, does this have a potential to involve more people with diverse backgrounds?  Are people finding Forums helpful?  Are they learning and sharing?  Are we happy with the format or do we want to make some changes?  Previous Forums were run with a limited budget, but how do we pay for it going forward?  Should we include a membership scheme and what might that look like?  What would be the alternative ways to support the Forums to self-sustain?  To input on those, and lots of other issues, come and share your ideas, get involved, and eat some yummy cake!

Who might be most interested: Anyone who has an opinion on how the forums are run and/or who wants to have some input on what happens with the Forum over the next ten years.  It would be great if you have been to at least one Forum before so that you have a sense of what we do.

This session took place on Friday 20 November 2015.

The Resilience Forum is for ANYBODY (with a pulse!) involved with or interested in resilience research!

boingboing cake

[It was Anne’s birthday too, so we had this amazing home-made Resilience Forum cake!]

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