Topic:  Resilient adolescents in an Australian context – Mandie Shean, Edith Cowan University

Resources: You can download Mandie’s slides and you can read our Blog.

Summary:  This presentation is based on qualitative research from the Australian context. Resilient adolescents (aged 13-17) were asked what helped them overcome the problems in their life through interviews and focus groups. The findings indicated that resilience was a process and included steps such as response to risk, insight, letting go and acceptance. The adolescents explained that the key to their resilience was when they felt their life was worth something. Worth was gained through relationships, boundaries, self-efficacy, existence, and purpose. This presentation takes these ideas and provides ideas of how you can implement them in a practical way for adults and young people. Mandie’s work appeals to all sectors. She includes a short basis for research and a very practical tie in.

Biography:  Dr Mandie Shean is a registered teacher and psychologist. She has over 20 years experience in challenging, remote, and overseas primary schools. She has also worked as a children’s pastor, chaplain and psychologist in public schools. She has completed undergraduate and postgraduate work in psychology, with resilience in adolescents as her PhD focus. Mandie currently works in the School of Education at Edith Cowan University. She coordinates the Graduate Certificate of Behaviour Management and is involved in resilience and social-emotional health research.

Who might be most interested: Teachers, academics, practitioners, researchers, students, parents/carers, community workers, volunteers, young people.

This session took place on Wednesday 13 July 2016.

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