Topic:  Building resilient practitioners: constructing research out of practice – Carole Adamson, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Resources: You can download Carole’s slides.

Session Summary: This presentation builds on a research project that Carole Adamson conducted with her colleagues Liz Beddoe (University of Auckland) and Allyson Davys (WINTEC, Hamilton) with a focus on talking with experienced and self-declared resilient social work practitioners and practice learning supervisors about their own perceptions of resilience. In doing so, they were able to relate the academic concepts of resilience to practice experience, with the hope of strengthening student and practitioner alertness to the complex matrix of factors that can contribute to our resilience, and to strengthen arguments for sites of resilience development, such as professional supervision.

Biography: Carole Adamson (external link) teaches social work at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, with a special interest in stress, trauma and resilience. She is currently on research and study leave focusing on the core aspects of a disaster-informed curriculum for social work. She has previously been a mental health social worker (and has also worked in community social work in Brighton, many years ago).

Most interested: People interested in the context of inter-disciplinary settings, especially in health and child protection, health practitioners, social workers, academics, students, community workers.

Key Reading: Adamson, C., Beddoe, L., & Davys, A. (2012). Building Resilient Practitioners: Definitions and Practitioner Understandings. British Journal of Social Work, 32(1), 100-117. 10.1093/bjsw/bcs142
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This session took place on Tuesday 20 May 2014.

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