Topic:  Resilient Therapy – Its application by a Brighton family for 8+ years – does it work? Let’s discuss & decide! – Helen Arnold-Jenkins

Summary:  Helen will spend the first part of the session giving you an introduction to what life was really like, in her family, before her involvement in the world of resilience and how she and her boys have, separately and together, progressed along their life journeys, over the last 10 years. After which, there will be time for an open discussion about the merits (or not) of Resilient Therapy (RT) and the Resilience Framework, both specifically and through their application in a wider context. Do they work for parents and carers? What helps? What hinders? Come with questions, challenges, queries and enjoy a lively discussion (live case study!) about RT and the Framework (and yes, Helen is very aware that at least one of the designers of Resilient Therapy and a co-author of the RT books (Angie Hart) may be in the room!

Biography:  Helen A-J is a single parent, of two teenagers, one of whom has SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) and lives locally in Brighton. She became involved with Resilient Therapy in 2006 when invited, alongside 5 other parents, to help with the development of a book, “Helping children with complex needs bounce back”, then being written by Kim Aumann and Angie Hart. Helen was, initially, keen to merely learn tips and techniques, which would help her then 9 year old (who had been diagnosed with ADHD, Attachment Disorder & mild learning challenges at 6 years old) to better manage life and its challenges more positively. She learned, by the second session, that to really support her own child / young person to develop their own resilience, she had to fully embrace the journey for herself and with her younger (3 year old) son onboard too!

Who might be most interested:  All (including parents, carers, academics, practitioners, researchers, students, community workers, volunteers, public sector workers, young people) but particularly those who want to positively critique RT and its ongoing development.

Suggested reading: Resilient Therapy and the Resilience Framework, Helping children with complex needs bounce back: Resilient Therapy for parents and professionals – Kim Aumann and Angie Hart (available from Brighton & Hove libraries).

This session took place on Wednesday 15 March 2017.

The Resilience Forum is for ANYBODY (with a pulse!) involved with or interested in resilience research!

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