Topic:  School-based resilience approaches with young people: Raiding the academic evidence base to find out what parents and practitioners want to know – Angie Hart and Becky Heaver

Resources: You can download Angie and Becky’s slides.

Session summary: Resilient approaches in school take many different forms. This makes them difficult to evaluate, copy and compare, and a lot of the literature isn’t easy to understand for those who need it most. Conventional academic literature reviews don’t quite hit the spot. So we have summarised and critiqued the academic literature on school-based resilience approaches for young people aged 12 and up. The aim was to explain how and why these approaches do (or do not) work in particular contexts, and to present the results in a way that answered parents’ and practitioners’ most commonly asked questions. We invite further feedback at the Forum on the questions that have been answered, as well as the things that are missing from the literature. We hope to offer an overview of approaches and techniques that might best support those young people who need them the most.  We’ll also tell you about other school-based resilience work we’re doing. (The findings of this schools-based review have also since been published as a journal article.)

Biography: Angie first became excited by resilience in 2004, and started applying it as a child and family psychotherapist. As an academic she’s researched loads of issues, but she’s especially passionate about what resilience can do for people who have been dealt bum cards. As the adoptive parent of three gorgeous children with complex needs, she finds resilience ideas very useful at home. Becky has been researching resilience since 2010 and enjoys working in an area that is accessible and can make a real difference. She has a background in psychology and is particularly interested in resilience from an Asperger’s perspective.

Most interested: Parents, practitioners, researchers, academics, policy makers, young people.

This session took place on Wednesday 5 December 2012.

The Resilience Forum is for ANYBODY (with a pulse!) involved with or interested in resilience research!

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