Digital technology starts a Resilience Revolution – 22 November 2018 – Blackpool Resilience Forum

Digital technology starts a Resilience Revolution – 22 November 2018 – Blackpool Resilience Forum

Topic:  How digital technology & social media can help young people start a Resilience Revolution – Andrew Ray, Digital Lead, HeadStart Blackpool; Michael Farrow, Youth Engagement Worker;Youth Presenters from the Blackpool HeadStart Digital Group – Ellie, Harrison, Danielle, Jess and Christopher

Resources:  You can download the forum slides.

Summary:  Digital technology is part of everyone’s lives, from the first moment you wake up and check social media to the last moments of checking it before you go to bed. Digital technology can be used to communicate, to find out information, get help with problems and to join together with other people to inspire and make an impact. Find out first hand how the positive impact of digital technology and social media has helped Blackpool and the wider community improve youth participation and how it supports people to become more resilient.

As part of this presentation, young people from the Digital Group will be sharing their stories of how they have gained confidence in embracing digital technology and how this has helped them to inspire and connect to other young people, parents, carers and practitioners.

This session will be of interest to all members of the Blackpool community that are keen to see young people grow into happy and healthy adults. The forum will also be of interest to people from further afield who are interested in hearing about how digital technology and social media can be used to support young people to become more resilient. Active participation is encouraged, but of course, you’re welcome to sit and listen if that’s more your thing.

Biography:  Andrew Ray has been working and inspiring people to use technology for over 20 years. He has worked for Blackpool Council for the past 12 years, advising and training schools on how technology can help with learning in and out of the classroom.

For the past two years, Andrew has been helping people from all walks of life (young people, parents/carers, social workers, practitioners) understand how digital technology can help them as part of the HeadStart project. He creates digital content with young people in Blackpool, giving them a voice on what matters to them and helping to bring the Resilience Framework to life.

Who might be most interested:  Everyone is welcome, including academics, practitioners, researchers, students, parents, carers, community workers, volunteers, public sector workers, young people, service users and people with lived experience of mental health problems.

Key Outputs:

Our Digital Story (external link) – a short film showing the impact that the Digital Group has had on young people in Blackpool.

The Resilience Revolution (external link) – a short film about the Resilience Revolution in Blackpool.


This event took place on Wednesday 24 October 2018.

The Resilience Forum is for ANYBODY (with a pulse!) involved with or interested in resilience research!

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