Topic:  European Resilience Project Toolkit – Facilitated by Emily Gagnon

Resources: You can download the slides.

Session summary: The European Resilience project is a new project which explores how to help adults and adolescents through resilience training. The project partners have developed a three-part toolkit including Guidelines, 10 exercises and an interview schema developed to fit into adult education and counselling. It is based on knowledge and experiences of resilience and health promotion gained from academic research and developmental projects in various European settings. The toolkit is currently in the piloting stage and Resilience Forum members have been invited to explore and try the materials in a variety of settings. Emily can provide information on how to access the toolkit exercises and guidelines in advance, please email us if you wish to take a look. This session will be an opportunity to experiment with the toolkit materials and offer feedback on using them either in practice or in the session. Rosaleen Courtney from Norton Radstock College will be available via Skype to discuss the materials and provide further information. The Resilience project materials will be used to prompt discussion around the use of resilience exercises and resources and to provide an opportunity to share information about the resources we use and what people feel makes a good resource.

About the project: Funded with the support of the European Commission the European Resilience project is an international  project bringing together research from eight European countries with the aim of integrating resilience as a horizontal approach in all kinds of training methods for adolescents and adults. Led in the UK by Rosaleen Courtney at Norton Radstock College the UK are working in partnership with researchers and practitioners in Austria, Iceland, Italy, Finland, Greece, Spain and Switzerland.

Later in the year the full selection box of materials will be available on the European Resilience Project website.

Most interested: Practitioners and those involved in teaching, professional practice and community work.

Key readings: Contact us for how to access the European Resilience Project toolkit.

This session took place on Wednesday 5 February 2014.

The Resilience Forum is for ANYBODY (with a pulse!) involved with or interested in resilience research!

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