Topic: Resilience to Re-offending: young men’s experiences of overcoming adversity – Dr Claire Stubbs & Jules Sivetar-Reed

Resources: You can download the slides.

Session Summary: Within the UK, one in four young men will re-offend on release from prison. Previous research within criminal justice has begun to offer a valuable contribution to our understanding of the factors supporting desistance from crime. However, we still do not know enough about how underlying protective processes or mechanisms contribute to positive outcomes for young men who have engaged in antisocial behaviour.

Within this forum, Claire Stubbs and Jules Sivetar-Reed will highlight local research that was carried out in Hastings with eight young men who had previous involvement in the criminal justice system from various local organisations, aimed at understanding the processes and mechanisms that support young men to turn their lives around after engaging in criminal behaviour.

The forum will highlight the results of the research and Jules will share his personal story to illustrate what is necessary to support resilience to re-offending amongst young men experiencing adversity.

Biography:  Claire Stubbs is a Counselling Psychologist and ex-Youth Worker.

Who might be most interested:  Academics, practitioners, researchers, students, parents, carers, community workers, volunteers, public sector workers, young people and service users.

This session took place on Friday 20 February 2015.

The Resilience Forum is for ANYBODY (with a pulse!) involved with or interested in resilience research!

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