A first-of-its-kind resource for schools and youth organisations, Ready, Set, Resilience, is now available to download for free.


Ready, Set, Resilience Pupil Booklet

What is it?

  • A booklet for year 9 pupils to support their resilience (although it could be used with other age groups)
  • A mixture of activities which support individual resilience (beating the odds) and activities to support changing the odds like activism

Ready, Set, Resilience is an A5 size workbook to support young people’s resilience aimed at year 9 students. Resilience can be seen as the ability to cope better with life’s challenges. The workbook was designed co-productively (together) by 8 school pupils, 6 school staff from St. Mary’s Catholic Academy, Blackpool, UK, and 7 people from the HeadStart and Boingboing Resilience Revolution.

The booklet contains practical activities that can support pupils to understand the type of things that can help them manage adversity. It is also a record of what support is around them. The booklet supports the idea of ‘Beating the Odds whilst also Changing the Odds’.  There are activities to help young people track what are called Resilient Moves (beating the odds), as well as information on activism to help young people look further afield at systems change (changing the odds).

Download the Ready, Set, Resilience Pupil Booklet here

Ready, Set, Resilience Supporting Guidance  

  • An A4 word document filled with mini session plans including ice breakers, discussion points, main activity, and extension for each page of the ‘Ready Set Resilience’ pupil booklet.
  • Co-created by Boingboing CIC and St Mary’s staff
  • To support teachers to get the most out of the pages with and for their pupils.

This supporting guidance is a resource including session plans for each page of the ‘Ready, Set, Resilience’ booklet. The session plans include ice breakers, discussion points, main activity, and extension. It has been co-produced by Boingboing and St Mary’s staff. This guidance is to support teachers to get the most out of the workbook.

Many thanks to pupils and staff from St Mary’s Catholic Academy in Blackpool who developed the activities based around the Resilience Framework. Thanks also to the Youth Engagement Panel at HeadStart Newham for their advice during the consultation phase of the draft booklet.

Download the Ready, Set, Resilience Supporting Guidance here


We have also produced a signposting flyer to help young people in Blackpool to seek further help and support. We have one digital version with clickable links that could be shared on the school website, and one version with the addition of a QR code that could be printed and displayed as a poster around the school building, for young people to scan via their mobile phones.

Download ‘Places you can get help as a young person in Blackpool’ flyer

Download version with QR code for printing and displaying

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