Topic:  Wellbeing and Resilience – How can it help us all to flourish? An introduction to Wellbeing and Resilience Measure (WARM) and the Young Foundation’s RESILIENCE venture – Nina Mguni (Senior Associate) and Chris Jones (Founding Director, Resilience), the Young Foundation

Resources: You can download Nina’s slides.

Session summary: How do local institutions influence the ability of communities to be resilient in the face of adversity? If we can understand and quantify this, can this improve local decision-making? Our presentation will seek to address the two questions above with reference to the Young Foundation’s Wellbeing and Resilience Measure (WARM) and RESILIENCE.

WARM is a new tool to help communities understand their underlying needs and capacities. It brings together a wide range of indicators to measure wellbeing (how people feel about themselves and their communities) and resilience (the capacity of people and communities to bounce back after shock or in the face of adversity). WARM captures both a community’s assets, including levels of social capital, good schools and public services, or high educational achievement; as well as vulnerabilities, including levels of depression and unemployment.

Biography: The Young Foundation have launched a new social enterprise called RESILIENCE which aims to provide resilience based training to front line staff working in a wide range of community settings. We will present and discuss our experiences in deploying resilience training and our future plans.

This session took place on Monday 23rd January 2012.

The Resilience Forum is for those involved with or interested in Resilient Therapy research!


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