Blackpool Climate Co-research report

This report has been co-produced by Alice Tarpey, Annie Rhodes and Maya Lindley, three young people from Blackpool, and research partners from Boingboing and the CRSJ to share their findings from interviews and surveys they conducted about what young people and adults in Blackpool think and feel about climate change.

Download the Blackpool Climate Co-research report here.

The Blackpool Climate Co-researchers are affiliated with the Blackpool Youth Climate Group and are working with Viktoria Erlacher (PhD student), Henry Pollock (Community co-researcher) and Sam Richardson (Project partner with the Resilience Revolution) to co-produce research that explores young people’s opinions and feelings about climate change in the town. You can read more about their overall research project here.

They would be excited for you to use their findings but please reference this report:
Tarpey, A., Rhodes, A., Lindley, M., Erlacher-Downing, V. and Pollock, H. 2022, Blackpool Climate Co-research Report, Blackpool: BoingBoing CiC. Available at:

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