Boingboing aims to model and promote resilience research and practice that challenges social inequalities, in pursuit of a loving, fun and fair world where individuals from all walks of life are valued and respected. We are a community of individuals of all ages, in paid, volunteer and student roles who aim to co-design, co-produce and co-deliver everything we do.

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The Boingboing team hosting an event at the University of Brighton

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Watch our workshops: how to do community co-research on health equity

Created as part of the ongoing Community Solutions for Health Equity project that Boingboing Foundation are proudly part of, we are pleased to share recordings of a series of workshops held recently in Blackpool. These workshops are free resources to be taken advantage of by any community members or organisations looking for a beginner's guide to developing the research skills and knowledge needed to explore health inequalities in coastal areas.

Just about all of us Boingboingers have faced different forms of adversity throughout our lives. Often this means those of us who have experienced injustice, prejudice, inequality and/or discrimination.

Strongly rooted in a social justice agenda, we do not believe that resilience promotion should be about maximising the survival of the fittest. That is why we describe resilience as more than just finding ways for individuals to bounce forward when things are tough but rather:

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