Arts activist approach to drought resilience – 9 June 2017 – Brighton Resilience Forum

Arts activist approach to drought resilience – 9 June 2017 – Brighton Resilience Forum

Topic:  Supporting young people’s resilience to drought: An arts activist approach in South Africa – Selogadi Mampane

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Summary:  This workshop will highlight theatre making methodologies in what Makgathi Mokwena and Sara Matchett have called “mapping in processes of theatre making” (2013) as research outputs and community activism. The workshop will draw on theatre processes that can be used as a reflection of data gathering to be expressed as art based outputs for further consideration and policy making. In our research project on Patterns of Resilience to Drought in Leandra, South Africa, youth co-researchers engage in various research activities with an aim of centering community experiences to drought in policy formation. This theatre workshop will focus on “the self as a starting point” (Mokwena and Matchett 2013) using mapping to explore, communicate, share and make sense of personal narratives in relation to wider issues of human security, such as drought.

Biography:  Selogadi Mampane is a performer, part-time lecturer, grass-roots arts activist and qualified artist as peacebuilder. She works as a peacebuilder alongside NGOs. Her academic focus is on performance as a tool for activism and research with a focus on hate crimes against Black lesbian women in South Africa. In our project on Patterns of Resilience to Drought she is facilitating our young South African co-researchers with lived experience of adversity to collectively develop image theatre performances from their own experiences of drought.

Selogadi Mampane arts activist by Luiz De Barros

This session took place on Friday 9 June 2017.

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We began the task of coding all the data. Coding is the process of finding and grouping mentions of specific words and phrases, into common themes across lots of data. In this case it’s the group of transcripts that altogether add up to over 200 pages of data.

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On Day 2 in Leandra, South Africa, as part of our Resilience to Drought project, Simon supports an image film-making workshop with young co-researchers exploring drought, led by Selogadi Mampane

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If you’ve been following our Drought Resilience project you’ll know we’ve been in South Africa working with young co-researchers from Leandra. Naz supports the research process in a collaborative arts workshop, lead by Selogadi.

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Selogadi Mampane travelled all the way from Pretoria to give the Resilience Forum a live preview of her arts activist approach for young people, which is being used as part of the Patterns of Resilience to Drought project taking place in South Africa.

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People from the University of Pretoria, University of Brighton, Boingboing and Khulisa are collaborating on a project: Patterns of Resilience to Drought, exploring community resilience to drought in South Africa from historical and contextual perspectives.

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The Cultural Awareness session was an opportunity to have an open discussion about some of the issues that come up around cultural awareness. Like an iceberg, a lot of what makes up culture are things that we often cannot see or are below the surface.

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